Harrisburg Trial Result for Tractor-Trailer Operator

Steve Banko in our Harrisburg office defended the interests of our trucking company client and their driver in a Schuylkill County jury trial which resulted in a verdict of $6,768, the exact amount of the plaintiff’s medical damages. The plaintiff auto operator collided with our client’s tractor-trailer alleging our operator improperly changed lanes striking his sedan, causing it to go into a spin and then pushed the auto over half-a-mile on the interstate. Steve focused on the issue of factual cause without conceding negligence. Plaintiff presented testimony of aggravation of pre-existing conditions (rheumatoid arthritis) and alleged she sustained injuries to her neck and back including an annular tear and herniated disc. Plaintiff, a New Yorker who treated with out of state doctors, used as her experts an orthopedic surgeon and doctor of physical therapy from Pottsville, PA, to whom she was referred by her lawyer. After three hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a question regarding the amount of Plaintiff’s out of pocket medical expenses. After receiving the answer to their question, the jury returned a verdict five minutes later in the amount of $6,768, the exact amount of medical expenses, only. Plaintiff’s pre-trial demand was $80,000. The pre-trial offer was $26,768.