Personal Lines Insurer – Homeowner’s Case – Praise for Partner, William Remphrey

A note directed to the claim professional from an insured regarding the representation provided by Philadelphia based partner, Bill Remphrey:

“Debbie, Thanks for your voicemail message yesterday, but most importantly, thanks for all of your help with this case. (My husband) and I really appreciate all that you’ve done, especially your willingness to move the case to Margolis Edelstein … We realize that doesn’t happen every day and that it took some doing to get the file moved. It’s people like you that make (your insurance carrier) such a great company.

I also wanted to let you know that Bill Remphrey’s representation was just top-notch. He did all the right things at all the right times … With opposing counsel, Bill was firm but not overly aggressive, which we are convinced brought about our dismissal.

While we hope never to have another claim, it really was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again.”

Miscellaneous Professional Liability – Building/Home Inspection client

Our Pittsburgh partner, Dianne Wainwright, successfully defended the interests of a Building Inspection Company in a matter involving an inspection that allegedly failed to reveal “defects in the home.” The owner of the Inspection Company commented:

“Dear Attorney Wainwright, Needless to say … I am pleased with the way the above reference case turned out. But the point of this email is to thank you personally for your efforts on my behalf. You and your staff have been personable and professional in every way. You more than answered my questions and went far beyond anything I expected.

Although my case was something most attorneys would consider small, you never treated it or me that way. As you know it wasn’t small to me. My very sincere thanks, to you, your staff and your firm.”

Praise for James Kahn, Esq. – Legal Malpractice – Client Dismissal – No Indemnity Payment

Jim Kahn successfully removed his client law firm from a contentious legal malpractice matter with no payment by or on behalf of the defendant. The comment from his client:

“Thanks for your great work on our behalf. We couldn’t have had better counsel – creative, determined, fearless. All the best.”

Sex Abuse Defense Win in Highly Emotional Lawsuit in Delaware – Congratulations to Partners Christopher Tinari, Herb Mondros and Associate Michael Miller

Sex Abuse Defense Win in Highly Emotional Lawsuit in Delaware – Congratulations to Partners Christopher Tinari, Herb Mondros and Associate Michael Miller

After a very long and contentious litigation in a highly emotional sex abuse suit against a religious based school brought in Delaware, the trial court dismissed the suit on Summary Judgment and the Margolis Edelstein Team received the following praise from the client/carrier:

“Herb – I talked to Chris late yesterday on this case. This is really a great win. As I told Chris, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this case was handled. You, Michael and Chris did a masterful job on this long, convoluted, difficult case!!!…… Again, great job to all of you!”

Sexual Molestation Suit – Praise for Partner Glenn A. Ricketti, Esq.

Following the successful resolution of a civil case involving the alleged sexual molestation of an eight year old girl by our clients’ thirteen year old son, our partner Glenn Ricketti received the following note from the parents of our client:

“Dear Glenn, Words cannot express our thanks and appreciation to you for helping us throughout this legal process. Your expertise and guidance in handling everything was invaluable. We do not know what we would have done without you. Now we can look forward to our future. Your professional help and personal sacrifice will never be forgotten.”

Restaurant Liability Defense – Alleged Fraudulent Claim – Barry Kronthal Prevails

A note from the insured, client Risk Officer, directed to the insurance carrier Senior Claims Officer:

“Hi Chris, I would like to take a minute to let you know how impressed (the insured) was with Attorney Barry Kronthal, who handled this case for us. I had the pleasure of personally witnessing Barry’s skills as an attorney at the arbitration that was held on March 1st. Barry very methodically presented voluminous medical records exposing many discrepancies in the claims made by (the plaintiff) in his lawsuit and the testimony he had provided at his deposition. His questioning of (the plaintiff) was thorough and to the point, which, combined with his unassuming mannerisms, flustered (the plaintiff), making it even more obvious that this was most likely a fraudulent claim. I believe the fact we prevailed in this lawsuit, which could have resulted in a large settlement, is primarily due to Barry’s experience and expertise.

If (our restaurant group) should need representation in future general liability claims, we would certainly be happy to have Barry represent us. Thank you.”

Complex Insurance Coverage Defense – High Praise for Associate Kyle McGee From the V.P. of Claims from a Client/Carrier

“Gentlemen, I write to convey my thanks and appreciation to Kyle McGee of the Pittsburgh office. We were entangled in a complicated casualty case in USDC for the Northern District of West Virginia. The case was on the verge of trial. There were multiple coverage actions pending… We received a call from our defense counsel in the underlying liability case that the Judge was expecting a company representative with full authority to appear in court the following day for a mandatory settlement conference – (The Next Day). It was not acceptable to the Court to simply have defense counsel attend. The examiner handling the file, had previously been ordered to attend a mediation in Connecticut the same day, and thus was unavailable. Our coverage counsel was unavailable as well. (Our) Examiner then suggested that Kyle attend to represent the company. He did so very ably and then wrote a very thorough, yet concise summary of the proceedings, which were Ordered to continue… since the case did not settle… Kyle returned…and the matter finally settled. Kyle did an excellent job assisting defense counsel with the negotiators and was able to get the case settled for less than the settlement authority than he was given. Kudos to Kyle for a job well done.”

A Grateful Insurance Claims Professional Acknowledges Glenn Ricketti’s Skill and Effort in Resolving a Complex High Exposure Matter at Trial

Our Philadelphia partner, Glenn A. Ricketti, Esq., resolved a high exposure matter at trial on behalf of a jubilant insured/client. The insurance claim professional praised Glenn for his legal acumen, skill and effort with the following e-mail:

“I think you know how happy we were with your handling of this case, but just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know that we were extremely pleased with your handling of this case. I don’t send out this type of e-mail everyday. We couldn’t have asked for a better result and we sincerely believe this fantastic result which you obtained could NOT have any been achieved by anyone else. We believe this result was obtained because we had the very best attorney on the case, you! We should celebrate this victory in the near future. Great work, Glenn and looking for to working with you on many more cases in the future.”

Wrongful Termination and Discrimination – Successful Resolution and Accolades for Associate Julianne Curry

A comment from our client, the President and CEO of a Cable Company, regarding the efforts of our associate, Julianne Curry, Esq., in resolving a contentious matter:

“Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this case to resolution. Your preparation and your focus on the facts made Judge Welsh work hard for us in getting the plaintiffs to significantly move off their position. I also appreciated your perspective on how labor law can affect small business like ours. Again, nice job”.

Defamation, Slander & False Imprisonment – Christopher A. Tinari, Esq. Receives Praise for Dismissal

Our Philadelphia Partner, Christopher A. Tinari, Esq., was successful in dismissing a contentious lawsuit on behalf of his client, a religious entity, and the claims professional recognized Chris on his efforts:

“An insured had an internal rift how to manage their entity which divided the membership and resulted in an internal lawsuit. The initial pleadings were full of issues that would not be covered. However, there remained a count that was likely a meritorious claim for false imprisonment. In addition to difficult pleadings, none of the parties involved in the suit were English speaking.

Mr. Tinari was able to meet with the defendants and an interpreter, secure the facts of what transpired and was able to file Preliminary Objections to the Plaintiff’s Complaint which was sustained. This resolved the matter in its entirety. As the carrier, we were fully prepared that this would be a protracted legal battle that we would defend for months or years. Mr. Tinari’s legal skill was the sole reason for the early dismissal of the matter. We are grateful for his ability and the resulting effect on our expenses.”

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