Michael Badowski on Cross-Examination

An expert witness who testified in a recent trial commented on Michael’s cross: “I must also say Mike, that although I have heard you before in court, your last several cross examinations were simply brilliant. If I ever find myself needing a lawyer to defend me I want you to be my lawyer…”

Luzerne County Physician Client Comments Regarding Michael Badowski Trial Victory:

“I cannot begin to thank you enough. Your dogged determination on our behalf was self evident and never ending. It was a pleasure to have worked with you for this truly remarkable outcome. I sincerely hope our paths cross again under different circumstances.”

Comments Regarding Michael Badowski and Successful Resolution of Med Mal Action

A mediator comment following Michael’s efforts in resolving the case: “Mike … one of the primary reasons the case settled so favorably for the defense was the Plaintiff’s attorney’s respect for you … So, I don’t want to overestimate my role as the mediator. I think it was the threat of a Badowski trial that had more to do with the settlement than any other one item.”

Praise for Scranton Colleague, Mark Sheridan, For Persuading Counsel to Withdraw Cross-Claim

After the claim professional transferred a file from another firm to Mark Sheridan, our Scranton colleague, Mark was able, within six weeks, to persuade defense counsel who had joined our client, a zip line manufacture, that the interest of the joining defendant client was not well served by joining our client, the claim professional commented: “Mark, Wonderful news! Just what we were hoping for!! Thanks for your successful efforts in achieving an appropriate resolution.” The client’s comment: “Wonderful! I would like to thank [the claim professional] for selecting Mark and thank Mark for representing us so well. Hopefully we will not have any legal issues for some time but when we do, I hope we can work together again. Many thanks.”

A comment from a Senior Attorney Claim Examiner associated with a medical malpractice insurer regarding Mike Badowski:

“… If I could have counsel like you on all of my cases it would be great!”

Our Beaver, Pennsylvania based partner, Michael Lang, recently concluded a trial resulting in a defense verdict.

The jury Foreman directed a note to Michael & co-defendant’s counsel, a portion of which follows:

Following the completion of today’s trial, I simply wanted to send a quick word of congratulations and thanks. I’m certain that each of you invested countless hours over six years in defending your clients. So, it must be gratifying to finally reach a successful conclusion, and to know that all of your hard work was worthwhile.

Most of us were first time jurors, including me. You both made our deliberations and decision exceptionally easy; credit to your professionalism, expertise, and courtroom demeanor. All of us on the jury were impressed. My sincere thanks …

Once again, great work this week. And, thank you. All the very best.”

Personal Lines Insurer – Homeowner’s Case – Praise for Partner, William Remphrey

A note directed to the claim professional from an insured regarding the representation provided by Philadelphia based partner, Bill Remphrey:

“Debbie, Thanks for your voicemail message yesterday, but most importantly, thanks for all of your help with this case. (My husband) and I really appreciate all that you’ve done, especially your willingness to move the case to Margolis Edelstein … We realize that doesn’t happen every day and that it took some doing to get the file moved. It’s people like you that make (your insurance carrier) such a great company.

I also wanted to let you know that Bill Remphrey’s representation was just top-notch. He did all the right things at all the right times … With opposing counsel, Bill was firm but not overly aggressive, which we are convinced brought about our dismissal.

While we hope never to have another claim, it really was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again.”

Miscellaneous Professional Liability – Building/Home Inspection client

Our Pittsburgh partner, Dianne Wainwright, successfully defended the interests of a Building Inspection Company in a matter involving an inspection that allegedly failed to reveal “defects in the home.” The owner of the Inspection Company commented:

“Dear Attorney Wainwright, Needless to say … I am pleased with the way the above reference case turned out. But the point of this email is to thank you personally for your efforts on my behalf. You and your staff have been personable and professional in every way. You more than answered my questions and went far beyond anything I expected.

Although my case was something most attorneys would consider small, you never treated it or me that way. As you know it wasn’t small to me. My very sincere thanks, to you, your staff and your firm.”

Praise for James Kahn, Esq. – Legal Malpractice – Client Dismissal – No Indemnity Payment

Jim Kahn successfully removed his client law firm from a contentious legal malpractice matter with no payment by or on behalf of the defendant. The comment from his client:

“Thanks for your great work on our behalf. We couldn’t have had better counsel – creative, determined, fearless. All the best.”

Sex Abuse Defense Win in Highly Emotional Lawsuit in Delaware – Congratulations to Partners Christopher Tinari, Herb Mondros and Associate Michael Miller

Sex Abuse Defense Win in Highly Emotional Lawsuit in Delaware – Congratulations to Partners Christopher Tinari, Herb Mondros and Associate Michael Miller

After a very long and contentious litigation in a highly emotional sex abuse suit against a religious based school brought in Delaware, the trial court dismissed the suit on Summary Judgment and the Margolis Edelstein Team received the following praise from the client/carrier:

“Herb – I talked to Chris late yesterday on this case. This is really a great win. As I told Chris, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this case was handled. You, Michael and Chris did a masterful job on this long, convoluted, difficult case!!!…… Again, great job to all of you!”

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