Praise for Steve Banko and Case Dismissal for Temporary Employment Service

A temporary employer placed their staff member in a position with a local municipality as a garbage truck attendant. The employee fell off the truck and after 10 months, ultimately died from his injuries. The general counsel provided the following note:

“Despite clear evidence that (the temporary employers) was (the defendant’s) employer and therefore should be dismissed from suit, a very unsympathetic Court made this win anything but easy. This case began shortly after employee’s death in 2011, and has required changes in venue, motions to the Court of Appeals, and a healthy dose of grit to get this resolved. Perhaps most amazingly, our expenditures on this case have been minimal due to pin point efficiency by counsel. I’d like to extend special thanks externally to Steve Banko and everyone at Margolis Edelstein for their excellent representation … Well done everyone, and thank you!”

Commendation for Chris Tinari for Deftly Handling the Resolution of a High Publicity Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Dealing with a Religious School

“Chris, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your representation over the past eight years dealing with this horrific situation. You are an amazing lawyer. You had the other side right where you wanted them. You not only impressed me with your negotiating skills but you no doubt impressed the judge and the opposing lawyer. You truly have a gift. I will continue to pray for wisdom for you as you deal with other cases.”

Praise for Glenn Ricketti Following Resolution of High-Exposure General Liability Matter for Local Diocese

After a transfer from prior counsel of a case involving a slip and fall on ice outside our Church gymnasium resulting in plaintiff sustaining a fractured vertebrae, as well as requiring three cervical disketomies and fusions at C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7, RSD, chronic pain syndrome, and a claim for total permanent disability from her job as a nurse, our partner, Glenn Ricketti, managed to resolve the case promptly. The claim professional’s response:

“Hi Glenn! Once again, you helped achieve results on a case that went to mediation that shocked everyone. As you know, this was the highest exposure case this office has ever had. You received this case with a 1.5 million dollar demand and were able to get the plaintiff attorney to reduce his demand for mediation to $900,000. Your preparation for the mediation was incredible and you clearly knew your case better than it appeared the plaintiff attorney did. His opening remarks were 5 minutes and yours was over a half hour. Your relationship and reputation with the mediator was also very helpful in us securing an incredible $165,000 settlement. The arguments you made throughout showed your knowledge of the case and the confidence you have to handle complex cases. It is great to be able to have the utmost confidence in your attorney, as I do, when you have an extremely high exposure case. Thanks again for doing your job so well for us and being an enjoyable person to be with at the same time!….thanks..”

National Trucking Company Director of Corporate Claims and Litigation Comments:

Bob Arcovio and Kyle McGee in our Pittsburgh office were both required to visit two separate accident scenes involving tractor-trailer operators involved in multiple party collisions within hours of the occurrences. At the conclusion of a day of scene work-up, driver, police and witness interviews, together with two different independent adjusters (IA) also at the scenes, the Director commented as follows:

“Okay – seriously?? Your attorneys and IA are amazing. They made this so easy for us … Seriously, THANK YOU. You and your team went over and above on this one and we are extremely appreciative.”

Praise for New Jersey Colleagues, Emery Mishky and Victoria Adornetto, for Achieving a Summary Judgment in Employment Practices Matter on Behalf of Our Self-Insured National Retailer Client

In response to learning the Motion for Summary Judgment presented by Victoria and Emery was granted in its entirety and all of plaintiff’s claims alleging violations of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination were dismissed with prejudice, where the Court found persuasive our argument the plaintiff never made clear to our client he suffered from a so-called disability during his period of employment, nor make any request for accommodation related thereto, the client’s response: “Outstanding!!!!!!!!! …. thanks for the great work and the fantastic outcome.”

Accolades for Chris Tinari in Handling Employment Discrimination Matters:

“I have to stop and say ‘thank you’ for all you do to push these claims to closure. Working with you and your team is an absolute pleasure. You make my job soooo easy. You have no idea how I have to practically push other firms to do what you do so naturally and that is shut them down and move on to the next one.”

Title VII Case Resolved – Praise for Rolf Kroll

Rolf Kroll represented a local school facing a challenging array of Title VII allegations including accusations that despite receiving exemplary performance reviews, the Plaintiff was “regularly” and “continuously,” called a “bitch,” that publically and privately she was called “ditzy,” “stupid” and “flighty” and that she was ultimately terminated as a function of unlawful discrimination. Following a recent mediation at which the case was resolved, the Governance Committee Chairman for our defendant private school commented:

“Rolf, As I said at the end of our day of mediation, we (and our insurance carrier) were fortunate to have you as our counsel in this matter. Thank you for not only your expert handling of the negotiations that resulted in a successful settlement, but for the many hours of fact-finding and strategizing that preceded the “main event.” There’s an old saying that if you have 10 hours to chop down a tree, spend 9 hours sharpening your ax. I believe that sentiment aptly describes your handling of our case.”

Appreciation for Christopher Tinari and Emily Mahler for Successful Resolution of a Complex Defamation Lawsuit

After 12 years of protracted litigation in a complex defamation lawsuit involving a church, the church’s representative wrote:

Chris and Emily,

Thank you so much for all the help you have been to us over the years.

You have been thoughtful, careful and thorough in all your communications. We have appreciated all of your efforts on our behalf, and are grateful that this lawsuit has finally been resolved.

Praise for Mark Sheridan for Promptly Resolving Matter

Our Scranton, PA, based colleague, Mark Sheridan, successfully negotiated the closure of a challenging motor vehicle case on the eve of a holiday weekend where the client would have been required to attend the court ordered arbitration. The client commented: “Mark – hallelujah!! Thanks so much – my weekend will be calmer. My only regret is that I don’t get to meet you – you have been very kind and professional with this matter and very efficient too!! Thanks again.”

Praise for Lachat Victory and “Steady Reporting”

At the conclusion of a 12 day trial in Philadelphia where his contractor client was ultimately dismissed, the supervising claim professional wrote:

“Fantastic job on this over two week long trial in liberal Philadelphia, PA CCP with serious injuries, a high demand and numerous parties. Thank you both for your hard work, long days and steady reporting throughout. Much appreciated. Have a great day.” The jury found the other defendants responsible and returned a 3 million dollar verdict for plaintiff.

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