Praise for Carol Ann Murphy Defending Realtor in Fire Fatality

Our partner, Jim Kahn, received the following note from a claim professional regarding Carol Ann Murphy’s handling of a Realtor’s E&O issue The loss involved three fatalities with one survivor, multiple parties, and an ultimate resolution where we paid 3.5% towards the settlement.

“Jim: Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how impressed I was with Carol, or Carol Ann, or Murph, whichever name she goes by on any particular day….we had mediation yesterday on that fire case. She was great to work with, enjoyable to spend the day with and like you, was well prepared, articulate and a calm and steady hand during a very long day. You are both great emissaries for your firm.”

Praise for Employment Practices Teammates, Michael Miller & Sara Hoffman

A Senior Claims Specialist, Professional Lines Claims, associated with an insurer we work with, commented on the successful resolution of an EPL matter involving a somewhat difficult client.

“Mike and Sara, I want to sincerely thank you for the HUGE undertaking with this VERY difficult Insured. You have no idea how happy I was to sit back on the sidelines and have you settle the claim for me because just from speaking with the Insured, I could tell he was a different personality … So once again Team Tinari swoops in and saves the day! I really appreciate all of you and how hard you work on my claims.”

Praise for Sara Hoffman & Michael Miller in Resolving Employment Discrimination Matter

From the insurance claims counsel: “Sara and Team, Wonderful job as always! I can’t thank you enough for making my life easier.”

From our car dealer client: “Mike / Sara, GREAT work today. You were both expertly prepared, and I felt both well represented and beyond pleased with the outcome. Please share this anyone at the firm that you wish as a note of commendation from a very satisfied client.”

Emerging Trends In Insurance Claims – Drones, Driverless Cars, Ride Sharing, Vehicle Telematics, Cyber & Social Media – Praise for Glenn Ricketti

Our Philadelphia based partner, Glenn Ricketti, completed a presentation at the Annual Managers meeting of an insurance carrier we have worked with for many years. The Vice President of Claims noted: “On behalf of the entire Claim Management Team, please accept our thanks for sharing your presentation on Emerging Trends in Claims. It was very clear you spent a considerable amount of time developing the presentation. The future brings many challenges and changes for the industry. Knowing as much as we can early on will help us prepare better. Your comments certainly gave us much to consider. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come our way and share your insight.”​

Comments Regarding Paul Carbon & Dianne Wainwright from Accounting Professional Lines Claim Executive

“Thanks Paul!!! Yes (our company) is moving forward in strengthening it’s financial picture and we continue to retain policyholders, in part, because of people like you and Dianne that deliver the promised service and high quality of work. I am most pleased that (our company) has been able to maintain it’s founding principles of educating our insureds about identifying & recognizing risk and how to deal with it, early intervention and providing products that benefit the policyholders. The icing on the cake for me is the relationships we build with insureds and good attorneys like you; many have become friends. Not sure how many carriers can match the relationship piece … thanks for the note and thanks for all you do to help us become stronger.”

Praise for Bob Kaplan on a Recent Victory – 22 Findings of “No Cause” in 24 Jury Trials Since 2014.

An AVP & Senior Counsel for a personal & commercial lines carrier we act for had this to say about our partner, Bob Kaplan, and his recent jury trial result:

“First, congratulations on the no cause. Given the volume of them that you achieve, I suppose that I should narrow that down—you are amazing, and we could not be more appreciative of your professional and impressive efforts on behalf of our policyholders.”


Praise for Michael Lang Following Defense Verdict in Premises Jury Trial

After defending a landlord in a slip and fall resulting from ice and snow buildup, the defendant client provided a letter to the insurer, as follows: “… thank you … for defending me … Mike Lang, the attorney (the insurance carrier retained) to defend me was simply great to work with. Mike’s assistance, patience, and guidance made us well prepared for trial. His professionalism in the court room was astounding and articulate. More importantly, the jury found in our favor, NO negligence by a 11 to 1 margin.” (Emphasis original).

Praise for Steve Bruderle & Elizabeth Horneff in Liquor Liability Matter

After successfully resolving a challenging liquor liability case in Philadelphia (involving a catastrophic brain injury) for our restaurant client, the insurance claim counsel provided the following note to Liz and Steve:
“Just wanted to let you both know, our VP and President thank you for the hard work you did on this case.  They are very pleased with the result (and with me!) and I told them it would not have happened without your excellent work on the case.”

Praise for Steve Banko and Case Dismissal for Temporary Employment Service

A temporary employer placed their staff member in a position with a local municipality as a garbage truck attendant. The employee fell off the truck and after 10 months, ultimately died from his injuries. The general counsel provided the following note:

“Despite clear evidence that (the temporary employers) was (the defendant’s) employer and therefore should be dismissed from suit, a very unsympathetic Court made this win anything but easy. This case began shortly after employee’s death in 2011, and has required changes in venue, motions to the Court of Appeals, and a healthy dose of grit to get this resolved. Perhaps most amazingly, our expenditures on this case have been minimal due to pin point efficiency by counsel. I’d like to extend special thanks externally to Steve Banko and everyone at Margolis Edelstein for their excellent representation … Well done everyone, and thank you!”

Commendation for Chris Tinari for Deftly Handling the Resolution of a High Publicity Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Dealing with a Religious School

“Chris, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your representation over the past eight years dealing with this horrific situation. You are an amazing lawyer. You had the other side right where you wanted them. You not only impressed me with your negotiating skills but you no doubt impressed the judge and the opposing lawyer. You truly have a gift. I will continue to pray for wisdom for you as you deal with other cases.”

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