Praise for Partner Jim Huggett

After successfully concluding a Pennsylvania bankruptcy/legal malpractice suit, the Senior Claims Analyst, monitoring E&O Claims, commented regarding Jim’s handling of the case:

“Thank you for the update. You have done a great job with the defense of this matter!”

Praise for Deniz Uzel in a Title VII matter

After a contentious mediation dealing with highly charged claims of disability discrimination, the claim examiner was pleased with Deniz’ successful resolution and generally with the Margolis Edelstein Labor and Employment Group. The claims examiner comments follow:
Hi, Deniz – I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism on our call with the client today. You did an excellent job fleshing out the issues with them and talking them off the ledge regarding case strategy. I really appreciate it. You have a solid team and it’s a pleasure working with all of you. Makes my job easier. Thanks, again!

Praise for Deniz Uzel in an Employment Discrimination Charge

Following the successful resolution of a (seven hour) EEOC Mediation resulting in the voluntary resignation of the disgruntled employee in exchange for a modest payment, the Chief Financial Officer of our employer client commented:

“Deniz, thanks again for your excellent work today. Your confidence in our position came across to the mediator and I think to (plaintiff) and her husband. In your conversations you were poised, polite and remarkably patient, which kept (the plaintiff) and her husband engaged. You also negotiated effectively to get this done for a reasonable sum – the final settlement reached is less than we feared this would cost to settle.”

Praise for Victoria Adornetto & Emery Mishky

Upon learning a Motion for Summary Judgment was upheld on appeal in an employment practices matter involving allegations our retailer client failed to accommodate a disability of a staff member and effectively wrongfully terminated the individual, General Counsel commented on the efforts of Victoria and Emery:

“Outstanding work and a fantastic result. Thank you for a fine job with this matter.”

Non-Profit National Mortgage Lender Praises Partner Paul Carbon

After successfully concluding a matter on behalf of a non-profit, community advocacy and homeownership organization with a national mortgage component designed to assist first-time, low income, home buyers, the client commented regarding partner Paul Carbon & staff: “Thank you very much for all of your work on this. We are so pleased to have reached such a good resolution on this case – we’ve become big fans of the Margolis team over these past few years.”​

Praise for Harrisburg Partner, Barry Kronthal for Trial Result

A letter from our client, a policyholder with a national insurance writer our firm works with, directed to Barry Kronthal after he defended their interests

“Dear Barry, We’ve thought for the past couple of weeks how to put into words our gratitude to you for all you did concerning your representation of us throughout the process of the lawsuit and trial. You were always timely, you always returned our calls, answered our many questions, always leading us to the best solutions, even if at the time we couldn’t see the forthcoming results, as you were able to do. You were always prepared and organized … Your staff was kind, caring, did everything so well throughout this process for us. At the end of the trial, the judge said he felt it appropriate to commend you on the way you were organized and prepared, and your professionalism allowed the court process to flow smoothly without confusion or interruptions and waste of time. We will forever consider ourselves blessed to have had you to help us and be an encouragement to us.”

Praise for Dawn Dezii & Team in Mesothelioma Death Case

Our Southern New Jersey based partner, Dawn Dezii, defended the interests of a small, family owned, residential housing developer in a wrongful death matter where the estate of the 43 year old decedent, with a totally dependent spouse and three children, claimed he contracted mesothelioma due to alleged asbestos exposure while living in the housing development as a child. Dawn’s client advised the claim professional for their insurer at the conclusion of the case, as follows:

“The counsel we have received has been outstanding and reassuring. Dawn Dezii and her staff worked far harder than we ever knew, as we realized when the time drew near for trial and mediation and we heard of the research they did to “break down” each part of the case of the plaintiff’s attorneys. It was mind boggling, and we appreciated Dawn’s attention to our opinions and suggestions as to combat the presuppositions made by the other side. We sincerely believe we had the facts that disproved our liability. Ms Dezii and her capable staff did much to substantiate those facts, as well as much more, to seek to prove we were not liable.”

Praise for Carol Ann Murphy Defending Realtor in Fire Fatality

Our partner, Jim Kahn, received the following note from a claim professional regarding Carol Ann Murphy’s handling of a Realtor’s E&O issue The loss involved three fatalities with one survivor, multiple parties, and an ultimate resolution where we paid 3.5% towards the settlement.

“Jim: Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how impressed I was with Carol, or Carol Ann, or Murph, whichever name she goes by on any particular day….we had mediation yesterday on that fire case. She was great to work with, enjoyable to spend the day with and like you, was well prepared, articulate and a calm and steady hand during a very long day. You are both great emissaries for your firm.”

Praise for Pittsburgh Colleague, Emily Mahler in Title VII Issue

Our Pittsburgh based colleague, Emily Mahler, successfully resolved an alleged race discrimination and hostile work environment matter for less than 5% of the plaintiff’s demand. The claim professional informed partner Chris Tinari, as follows:

“Hi Chris, I am very happy with the result on this case, and Emily did a nice job preparing and evaluating the case for the mediation.”

Praise for Delaware Partner, Jim Huggett, and New Jersey Partner, Bruce Barrett

A comment from a commercial client regarding the handling of a mechanic’s lien by Jim Huggett and Bruce Barrett.

“Good morning Jim, hope you had a nice weekend. Thank you once again for the attention you gave to the New Jersey issue involving (the debtor), in Kearny , NJ. The urgency and aggressiveness displayed, by you and the team, were very impressive. I am very glad we have your representation.”

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