Litigation Examiner regarding New Jersey Partner, Larry Bunis, Esq.:

“Steve, Larry did a great job on this claim… I wish I had more cases with him. Thank you much.”

Pittsburgh Partner Fred Trenor Works Miracle!

A claim professional’s comment to the director of our Worker’s Compensation practice in Western Pennsylvania, Fred Trenor, Esq., following receipt of Fred’s confirmation that the “Compromise and Release” agreement had been approved by the Court:

“You must have worked a miracle to get this through. Thanks for all the extra work you put into getting this done.”

Great Job in Reaching Defense Verdict

I wanted to share a letter I received from … personal counsel for (our policyholder). I’m not surprised by its content as I’ve experienced first hand seeing you in action. If I had to choose one word in this letter it would be “demeanor”. You are certainly prepared to argue a case but most importantly I’ve observed your demeanor to be extremely effective with opposing counsel, the judge and the jury. Thanks for the great job in reaching a defense verdict on this case, we certainly respect and appreciate your efforts.

Vice President, Claims
(Regional Insurance Carrier)

A comment from a physician to James R. Kahn, Esquire, a Philadelphia based partner in connection with the defense of medical malpractice case

Dear Jim,
“I want to commend you for the hard fight you waged to get me out of the … case. I’ll remember all those late night “pow-wows.” You and Jacques were tenacious – Motions for Summary Judgment, Motions in Limine, Motion to Strike and Motion for Non-Suit. I think the judge really heard you.

My trust in the legal system is restored, but not in the lawyers that persist on bringing these frivolous claims… Thanks again”

From our physician client who received a jury’s defense verdict in a pediatric medical malpractice action, to Harrisburg Partner, Michael Badowski

Dear Mike,
“I am grateful for your stellar representation, your insight and your determination and dedication. Your support and concern for my anxieties contributed immensely to whatever confidence I was able to muster. You more than fulfilled (my professional liability insurer’s) glowing (praises of your abilities.)

Attorney Praise

“I would like to extend my appreciation to Mike Savitsky in your Scranton office. I worked with Mike and Zyg often during my career … and I was grateful to work with him again on the successful defense and resolution of the above captioned case.

Mike did an exceptional job defending our insured and his stellar efforts resulted in a great resolution to the case at hand.

I am glad that you partnered up with such exceptional attorneys and I look forward to handling future cases with such a talented and dedicated defense team.”

Good News!

From our defendant client involved in a fire loss/product liability subrogation case, to Steve Banko, Esq., Partner, Harrisburg, PA:

Dear Steve,
“Thank you for the good news. It was quickly and well done, saving us from a lot of hassle. Thank you and your firm again for your prompt support in preparing and resolving this matter in the most efficient way. With best regards”

Congratulations to Scranton Partner Zyg Bialkowski

“On behalf of the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, I would like to take a moment to congratulate Atty. Bialkowski and to express our gratitude for the fine work he did for us in February 2007. As Shawnee’s representative at the trial, I had the fortunate experience of working closely with Zyg for three days. It was truly a pleasure, as he is an exceptional attorney and an even more outstanding person. His character in and out of the courtroom is second to none and should certainly be commended.

Once again, we thank your firm and especially Atty. Bialkowski for the attention and representation we received during this matter. “

A comment from a Chiropractor to James R. Kahn, Esquire, a Philadelphia based partner in connection with the defense of professional liability matter

Dear Jim,
“Excuse me for not having the words for expressing how grateful I am to you. I am amazed at your knowledge and talent in what you do. My mind doesn’t work that way, I was in awe all week. I realize you were assigned to me, however I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. I just don’t know how to thank you, I am forever grateful…. GOD bless you.”

Excellent Job!

“Responding to the outcome of a particularly challenging negotiation in a casualty matter, the client commented:'”No question!!! You ARE my favorite attorney in the Philadelphia area. Heck, in the whole State!! Excellent job. Thank you.'”

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