Praise for Jim Kahn & Elit Felix for resolving a complex federal tax dispute stemming from damages mitigation on a legal malpractice claim.

After successfully concluding a settlement agreement with a malpractice Plaintiff which allowed an IRS refund request on the Plaintiff’s behalf for several hundred thousand dollars, and then overseeing the refund petition to the IRS, the refund was granted and that greatly lowered the carrier’s indemnity obligation under the settlement. The professional lines claim counsel commented:

“WOW! Thank you for all of the excellent hard work in helping to bring this long journey to a great conclusion, gentlemen!”

Praise for Partner Cathy Straggas Recovering on Cross-Claim/Tender

Upon learning our Philadelphia based partner, Cathy Straggas, had recovered for our client on a contribution action, the national claims administrator commented

“Hello Cathy: Thank you. (Our retailer client) rarely gets any reimbursement over the last years- it seems we pay out on endless files and pay all fees on these tender issues and never get anything back. This is great. This file will be a milestone. The client will love this.”

Commendation for Deniz Uzel for Resolution and Dismissal of a Complex Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

After concluding a complex employment discrimination lawsuit, our client commented:  “Thank you so much Deniz. I truly appreciate all the work and negotiations you have done on our behalf to bring us to this point of dismissal and the shutting down of this case/file. It was a pleasure working with you as well.”

Praise for Stephanie Cho and Emery Mishky Regarding Defense of Renter of Commercial Scaffolding from which Plaintiff Fell Sustaining Catastrophic Injuries.

Upon learning a challenging defense case had been amicably resolved and the need for further extensive trial preparation and testimony eliminated, our client commented: Stephanie. What a relief. Thanks so much for your hard work on the case. I spoke to Emery yesterday and thanked him as well. Both of you have been very understanding and helpful during this long process. I sincerely appreciate it. Take care.

Praise for Jim Huggett in Successful Dismissal of Delaware Action

Comments from a Corporate Board Member defendant confronted in Delaware Bankruptcy proceeding with allegations of malfeasance by the company Trustee upon learning plaintiffs dismissed their action:

“Jim, long overdue is my note of thanks and gratitude for your outstanding diligence and resolution to the suit brought against me by the trustee. Amidst the lengthy complaint filled with confusing legal jargon, your detail to filter what was relative to my case, and the reassurance you provided throughout the process was calming and precisely accurate. Your services are well appreciated and highly recommended.”

Praise for Bankruptcy Team Led by Partner Jim Huggett Following Conclusion of Contentious BCY Matter

At the conclusion of a contentious bankruptcy matter in Philadelphia, the client, founder and CEO of a commercial staffing company, commented: “Jim I can’t thank you and your staff enough for your advise, guidance and compassion throughout the process. It made all the difference.”

Praise for Bankruptcy Team Led by Partner Jim Huggett Following Conclusion of Trial

At the conclusion of a bankruptcy trial where partner Jim Huggett pursued for his client recovery of over $1,000,000.00, the client commented: “Hi Jim. Just wanted to say thank you and the team for your hard work on my admittedly difficult matter. Your time and specifically your attention to the finer details made this difficult process just a little bit easier and I really appreciate it.”

Praise for Partner Jim Huggett

After successfully concluding a Pennsylvania bankruptcy/legal malpractice suit, the Senior Claims Analyst, monitoring E&O Claims, commented regarding Jim’s handling of the case:

“Thank you for the update. You have done a great job with the defense of this matter!”

Praise for Deniz Uzel in a Title VII matter

After a contentious mediation dealing with highly charged claims of disability discrimination, the claim examiner was pleased with Deniz’ successful resolution and generally with the Margolis Edelstein Labor and Employment Group. The claims examiner comments follow:
Hi, Deniz – I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism on our call with the client today. You did an excellent job fleshing out the issues with them and talking them off the ledge regarding case strategy. I really appreciate it. You have a solid team and it’s a pleasure working with all of you. Makes my job easier. Thanks, again!

Praise for Deniz Uzel in an Employment Discrimination Charge

Following the successful resolution of a (seven hour) EEOC Mediation resulting in the voluntary resignation of the disgruntled employee in exchange for a modest payment, the Chief Financial Officer of our employer client commented:

“Deniz, thanks again for your excellent work today. Your confidence in our position came across to the mediator and I think to (plaintiff) and her husband. In your conversations you were poised, polite and remarkably patient, which kept (the plaintiff) and her husband engaged. You also negotiated effectively to get this done for a reasonable sum – the final settlement reached is less than we feared this would cost to settle.”

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